Health, Fitness Remain Eligible for Tuition Remission

Recent changes to Policy 3700, Education Benefits, that eliminated tuition remission coverage for personal enrichment courses will not include health and fitness courses. The Division of Human Resources partnered with the Division of Continuing Education, Employee Health Promotion Program, Recreational Services and UNM Centers for Life to determine eligible health and fitness classes for the fall 2011 semester. Review the Division of Continuing Education’s fall catalog and contact specific departments with any questions about eligible offerings.

The university will continue to pay the equivalent of resident undergraduate tuition for up to two credit hours per year for health and fitness courses. The calendar year total amount will be based on the tuition rate in effect at the end of the calendar year. The health and fitness course allowance is in addition to the amount available for academic and professional development courses.

The value of health and fitness courses will be included in the employee’s taxable income and will be subject to withholding. Spouses, domestic partners and dependent children are not eligible for health and fitness courses.

The new policy takes effect Aug. 1. Personal enrichment classes beginning prior to Aug. 1 are still eligible for tuition remission for the summer 2011 semester.

Also effective Aug. 1, courses taken at Central New Mexico Community College will no longer be eligible for tuition remission. Courses taken at New Mexico State University will be limited to the reciprocal amount of six credit hours in the fall and spring and three credit hours in the summer.

Additional guidance and communication will be sent throughout the summer. Call (505) 277-MyHR (6947).

This original article can be found in the UNM Today volume 46, Number 11 from June 27, 2011 on page 2. To download a copy of UNM Today’s Volume 46, Number 11 issue, click here.

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