Grow with Us! Classes to Enrich Your Life

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles leave little time for working on you. It’s easy to lose track of the importance of personal health. UNM Continuing Education offers an array of classes, across many different topics, designed to help you learn and grow!

Cooking Classes

Discover exotic spices and twists on your favourite comfort foods. Learn how to make Lentil Dal with cilantro and ginger, Tuscan Chicken, or an oven roassted vegetable frittata; we have a cooking class you are sure to love.

Women Cooking

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Art Classes

Express your creative side. Capture the beauty of spring and a world of color or express your dreams with a different type of art. We are sure to have an art class you will love!

Woman Painting

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Fitness Classes

Break out of your boring fitness routine and experience a new way to sweat! Dance your way to fit or relax and center. We have classes for every fitness level and we are sure to have a class that will get your heart pumping.

Doing Situps

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Language Classes

Discover a convienient way to learn a new language. Explore cultures and make new friends in one of our many language classes. Going on a trip abroad? We are sure to have a language class that fits your needs.

Woman Smiling

Looking for a different language? Visit our website for a list of language classes offered including French, Korean and German.

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Sports Hobby Classes

Try something you have never done before. Get a glimpse of nature or practice the perfect putt. We have a class just waiting for you to enjoy.


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Growth & Enricment at UNM Continuing Education

Registration is open to all adults (eighteen years and older) regardless of educational background. Come take a class with us!

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