Use your UNM Tuition Remission for Health & Fitness Courses at UNMCE!

UNM Faculty and Staff, as you know recent changes to Policy 3700, Education Benefits, have eliminated some, but not all, Personal Enrichment courses from being tuition remission benefit eligible. UNM Continuing Education (UNMCE) wants you to know that although some categories of classes are no longer available for this benefit there are many classes you can take with us using your personal enrichment tuition remission. The Division of Human Resources has partnered with UNMCE, Employee Health Promotion Program, Recreational Services, and UNM Centers for Life to determine eligible health and fitness classes for the fall 2011 semester. Look for approved Health and Fitness Courses, listed under the Growth & Enrichment section in our Fall 2011 course catalog, now available. Please contact specific departments with any questions about eligible offerings. For more information, please read the full article at

The University will continue to pay the equivalent of resident, undergraduate tuition for up to two (2) credit hours per year for health and fitness courses. The calendar year total amount will be based on the tuition rate in effect at the end of the calendar year. The health and fitness course allowance is in addition to the amount available for academic and/or professional development courses. The value of health and fitness courses will be included in the employee’s taxable income and will be subject to withholding. Spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children are not eligible for health and fitness courses. This new policy will take effect August 1, 2011.

The University will pay tuition for up to eight (8) credit hours per each fall or spring academic semesters and up to four (4) credit hours for each summer session for courses that are job related or related to a UNM job that the employee may reasonably aspire to and taken from the UNM Division of Continuing Education and/or University departments for professional development and improvement of work-related skills. Tuition Remission eligible Professional Development categories at UNMCE include Information Technology, Digital Arts, Professional Development and Skills, and Health Care and Human Services Business and Technology. For more information, please contact 277-MyHR (6947).

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  1. Chris Scott says:


    I’m a personal trainer in san antonio. Will these classes be available as online courses?
    and if so, will it be personal training, nutrition, kinesology etc or what exactly?


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