UNMCE Offers Mentorship to Truman Middle School Students

Pat Berrett Shows a student how to use the camera[/PictureFrame]UNM Continuing Education participated in mentoring three students from Truman Middle School’s Gifted Mentor Program. The goal of this program is to give students some training and exposure to what it is like to work in their field of interest. Peggy Lynch-Hill, Gifted Teacher at Truman, coordinated with Caroline Orcutt, Digital Arts Program Supervisor, to pair the selected students with mentors in the areas of Digital Photography, Graphic Design and Computer Graphics.

Each student attended a four hour class, and then worked one on one for two sessions with a mentor. Two students worked in the studio with professional photographers and one student learned about print production and web design and participated in a mock interview.

The students from Truman Middle School and their mentors were:

Student: Cynthia Delgado, Graphic Design
Mentor: Kim Halpern, Director of Marketing for UNM Continuing Education
Class: Intro to Computer Graphics, Anita Quintana, Instructor

Student: Amanda Vallo, Photography
Mentor: Pat Berrett, Photographer and Instructor at Continuing Education
Class: Intro to Computer Graphics, Anita Quintana, Instructor

Student: Aly Zepeda, Photography
Mentor: Robert Reck, Photographer and Instructor at Continuing Education
Class: Beginning Photoshop, Anita Quintana, Instructor

The students each got some lab and studio training and experience in how rewarding a career in each of these creative professions can be. Thanks to the students who participated and the mentors who donated their time to this worthy program.

Learn more about Digital Arts at UNM Continuing Education.

Cynthia Delgado Discusses Her Experience

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/venCuaV6Czw” title=”Truman%20Middle%20School%20student%20Cynthia%20Delgado%20discusses%20her%20experience%20at%20UNM%20Continuing%20Education.”]

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  1. Best gift you can give to young people is education. And the great thing about the story in this article is that they are teaching photography and graphic design which is pretty much in demand today.

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