New Mexico Lectures, Trips and Tours

Few places on earth offer the rich history, blend of cultures and wide variety of beautiful landscapes that you will find in New Mexico. Experience all that New Mexico has to offer first-hand from local storytellers, writers, adventurers, scientists, geologists and cultural anthropologists through the UNM Department of Continuing Education’s Story of New Mexico Program.

The Story of New Mexico Program (SONM) offers lectures on all things New Mexico, as well as hiking tours and day trips to Santa Fe, pueblos, hot springs, vineyards, national monuments and much more. Different day trips and tours are offered each semester. For a current list of Lectures, Trips and Tours, please visit Advance registration is required.

Tuition fees for SONM Trips and Tours range from about $70-95. For most trips and tours the fee includes transportation to and from destination and a guide. Box lunches are included with some tours.

See what’s coming up:

The Hondo Valley Iris Farm and the Hurd La Rinconada Gallery – May 19, 2012.
In Southern New Mexico, in the heart of the Hondo Valley, explore the spectacular Hondo Iris Farm, in full bloom. Meet the owners, have lunch outdoors in the garden and browse the gift shop. After lunch, visit the jewelry factory of artist Alice Seeley and the Hurd La Rinconada Gallery. To register call 505-277-0077 or click here.

Story of New Mexico Summer 2012 Lecture Series – June 20, 2012
Topics include: The American conquest of Northern New Mexico, the process by which “El Norte” was assimilated into the United States, the effects of the Mexican Revolution on “El Norte,” and the Re-Mexicanization of the Southwest from the Great Depression to the present crisis on the border. To register call 505-277-0077 ore click here.

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