Meet Virgina Debolt, Web Design Instructor at UNM Continuing Education

Web Design Instructor, Virginia Debolt earned her MA in Education from the University of Northern Colorado. After a career in public education, Virginia embarked on a new career in technology, teaching web design classes and writing several books about web design, HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver. In addition to teaching classes at UNM Continuing Education, Virginia also contributes to the Web Standards Project online web design curriculum called InterACT. For more information, check out the interview with Virginia below and visit her website

Browse Virginia’s upcoming classes for Summer 2012:

• HTML5: An Introduction – Starts August 6, 2012
• CSS: Cascading Style Sheets – Starts July 16, 2012
• Dreamweaver: Beginning – Starts June 25, 2012
• Dreamweaver: Advanced – Starts May 14, 2012

Take Virginia’s web design classes individually to learn a specific topic or combine them with other classes to earn a Web Design Certificate or Multimedia Certificate. For a full list of all Digital Arts Certificates available, visit our website To register for classes call 505-277-0077 or register online.

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  1. Joe says:

    Very impressive. Teaching web design at a very high level and coming from a different field offers another view point to the students.

  2. Jack says:

    I heard that she has a great program so obtain a web design certificate. Thanks for sharing this article.

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