UNMCE Instructor Featured at Art Show

Kristen Diener's JewelryKristen Diener, a popular jewelry instructor here at UNMCE, is being featured at Thomas Mann Gallery I/O’s Triple Martini Show in New Orleans as part of the city-wide Art for Art’s Sake event. We are very proud of Kristen for having her piece, Crush II: Necklace with Handmade Chain, featured as part of the Art for Art’s Sake event. This Crush II: Necklace with Handmade Chain piece was designed using sterling and fine silver, sterling silver belt buckle, red brass, postcard fragment, feather, shell buttons, pearls, moonstones, cut semiprecious stone beads, plexiglass, gold candy wrapper, mica, and a commercial martini glass. To read more about Kristen’s work, visit her website.


Want to take a class from Kristen and learn how to make your own one of a kind jewelry? She has several classes starting soon.


[h3]Beginning Jewelry/Metals[/h3]

This class will provide the fundamental techniques for the design and creation of handcrafted jewelry.
Register for Beginning Jewelry/Metals.


[h3]Brass and Copper Etchings[/h3]

In this class, you will create a metal etching using a variety of methods and techniques for limitless creative possibilities.
Register for Brass and Copper Etchings.


[h3]Introduction to Silversmithing and Jewelry Making (ages 13-17)[/h3]

In this class, teens will have the opportunity to create one of a kind silver jewelry using a variety of metal working techniques.
Register for  Introduction to Silversmithing and Jewelry Making (ages 13-17).


To hear more about Kristen and her classes, check out our YouTube featured instructor video!

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFIhsk5lhOs&feature=share&list=UUps5lrbMz0L4bWO2AhSTbhw” title=”UNMCE%20instructor%20Kristen%20Diener%20discusses%20her%20Jewelry%20classes%20and%20what%20to%20expect%20when%20taking%20a%20class.” border=”1″]

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