Discover New Mexico This Fall

Road in NMNew Mexico is known as “The Land of Enchantment” for a reason. If you have spent some time in our state, you have undoubtedly witnessed its unique beauty first hand.

The Story of New Mexico Program at UNM Continuing Education is dedicated to sharing the beauty, and history, that make New Mexico unique. We offer trips, tours and lectures all year-round at affordable prices. Here are some of the upcoming highlights:

Zuni Pueblo

Zuni Pueblo is the largest of the New Mexican Pueblos, with a population of over 11,000, and covering more than 600 square miles. Zuni Pueblo is considered the most traditional of the New Mexican Pueblos, with a unique culture, language, and history, which resulted in part, from their geographic isolation. This is indeed an artist colony. There are few places in the world today where a whole population is totally committed to the arts. Zuni products are globally recognizable for intricate beauty and quality workmanship while remaining subtly individualistic in design. Come and meet the artists! We will attend the Harvest Festival, witness the dancing, tour the museum and the Old Zuni Mission, and enjoy wonderful Zuni cuisine.
– November 2

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Pueblo Pintada Tour

puebloExplore Pueblo Pintada (“painted town”), a classic Chacoan outlying village located on an impressive promontory overlooking the Chaco Wash 15 miles upstream from Chaco Canyon. Pueblo Pintada is a massive, three-tiered structure containing both house and plaza kivas and an isolated great kiva. The entire pueblo contains approximately 130 rooms. Ancient road segments with additional room blocks occur within close proximity to the ruin. All ruins are easily accessible. Wear sturdy shoes and bring your cameras.
– November 3

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Pecos: Historic and Ancient Gateway to the West

Enjoy a full-day visit to historic, scenic and peaceful Pecos. We will drive along the Old Santa Fe Trail through the site of the Civil War Battle of Glorieta to the Pecos National Historic Park to tour the ruins of partially excavated Pecos Pueblo and Spanish mission church. We will take a scenic 20-mile drive along the Pecos River to Cowles at the edge of the Pecos Wilderness with stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Outing includes lunch at Frankies at the Casanova along with stops along the Pecos River and at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery, famous for New Mexico honey.
– November 9

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Old Windmill Dairy Tour and Cheese Class

Making CheeseCome learn about cheese making at the Old Windmill Dairy in Estancia, NM. We will meet the animals and understand types and styles of cheeses. We will have some hands-on instruction on cheese making; the steps needed for inoculating the milk, curding, hooping and draining the cheese. We will also get to stretch mozzarella!
– November 10

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Exploring the Bisti Badlands and De Na Zin Wilderness Area

The Bisti Badlands in northwestern New Mexico contain some of the most spectacular and bizarre geologic formations in the state. Gravity-defying hoodoos and multihued shales give this lunar landscape a stunning visual appeal. Similar geologic units and formations decorate the adjoining De Na Zin wilderness area. Join geologist Kirt Kempter on a two-day exploration of this unique corner of New Mexico, well off the beaten tourist path. After departing Albuquerque we will spend Saturday afternoon hiking approximately 2.5 miles through the badlands of De Na Zin, then traveling north to Bloomfield to spend the night. Following breakfast on Sunday we depart for a several hour exploration of the Bisti Badlands (hiking arppoximately 4.5 miles) before returning to Albuquerque.
– November 17 – 18

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    The Pecos: Historic and Ancient Gateway to the West class sounds fun! The Sangre de Cristo mountain range is truly a sight to behold.

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