Growth & Enrichment November Classes

This month Growth and Enrichment at UNM Contuing Education is offering fun, energizing and inspiring classes. We have classes in art, crafts, hobbies, health and relaxation, and  sports and exercise classes. There truly is something for everyone this November!

[h3]Cooking Classes[/h3] Cooking FishThe Mysteries of Fish Cooking
Explore the mysteries of fish cookery. We will use various techniques such as poaching and stewing, and we will use recipes that best prepare this healthy protein. Enjoy Shrimp with Mango Curry Salad in Won Ton Cups, Bouillabaisse, Poached Salmon, Fish Steamed in the Chinese Manner and more.
November 6
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Cooking 101
Learn basic cooking techniques as well as developing new recipes to please all. You will learn how to read a recipe, how to put it all together in a timely manner and have the confidence to try new things. This class is a must for those who want to go forward in their culinary experience! You will learn knife skills, how to properly cut vegetables and fruit, and how use substitutions in recipes and have the same end result.
November 8
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A Repertoire of Sauces
Sauces are to food what icing is to the cake. They vary from main course enhancements to Pasta sauces to salad dressings to dessert creations. We will cover the various sauce families and make many of them, such as classic Bearnaise, Raspberry Mole, Tomato-Basil for pasta, Grand Marnier for dessert and many more.
November 27
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Everyday life offers a wealth of material you can use to nurture a creative life. This workshop helps you cultivate your individual voice through the written word and a personal vision in various art mediums including painting, drawing and collage. Emphasize the connection between creative ideas and document your personal voyage into living more creatively. Creative writing through prompts, doodling, notation, planning, and visualization will lead you into this journey.
November 13
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Visions Collage Workshop
Have you ever done a collage of what you’d like your life to look like? In this class we will explore that! We will make a collage of our goals, dreams and visions for our lives. And then, in safe surroundings and with our affirming, positive class members, we will share them with each other. This is a powerful and magical process that lets the Universe know our true heart and souls’ desires in all areas of our lives. All materials, which include magazines galore, poster board, glue sticks, maps and other items for your use will be provided.
November 24
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[h3]Health and Fitness[/h3] Yoga for Lunch
Yoga during your lunch hour is an invigorating way to restore energy, calm your mind and eliminate those afternoon blahs. A mixture of yoga styles is used to combine strengthening with relaxation. This class will bring peace, positivity and help people slow down and find calm power.
November 7
[GreyButton link=”″]Register[/GreyButton] [h3]Home and Garden[/h3] File Anything In Your Home
…and find it again! Find any paper again quickly and easily: the warranty when the toaster breaks down, the receipts needed for taxes, the medical records needed for insurance, income and banking and investment records, magazine articles, and all the other papers we keep. With diagrams to illustrate a filing system that is fast to set up, easy to use and adaptable to individual needs, this workshop has solutions to piles of paper, lost records and the time wasted trying to find them. The instructor will give examples and provide handouts which emphasize the main concepts. Purchase of the book on which the course is based is not required.
November 17
[GreyButton link=”″]Register[/GreyButton] [h3]About Growth and Enrichment Program[/h3] These are the classes to take when you want to start a new hobby, learn to cook, start drawing again or learn to manage your finances. The variety of classes gives you options in almost any topic you can imagine. Taught by professionals in short format classes that are affordable and convenient. Join the 10,000 students, 200 instructors at over 50 locations throughout the community to discover a class you will love.

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