Winter Highlights from Osher

Group of Seniors learningDo you know someone over 50 who is endlessly curious and loves to learn and meet new friends? The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNM is the perfect place to explore life and meet new people. With two main locations and a wide variety of class topics, there’s something for everyone. Check out some of the Osher classes starting soon!

[h3]New Mexico Politics[/h3]

Come discuss reasons why the Land of Enchantment is the only state with a foreign policy and why our vast geography and sparse population means more access to state and federal lawmakers. Three military bases, two national labs and a surging oil and gas industry plus charismatic and noteworthy political characters will provide a lot to debate and discuss. Tuition is $19. Class is November 27 at the Alegria Del Webb location.

[h3]It’s More Than “Shut Eye”[/h3]

Explore the science of sleep. Topics covered include the physiology of sleep, sleep disorders and the harm they cause, sleep hygiene and preventing sleep problems. Tuition is $25. Class starts November 26 at the UNMCE South Building location.

[h3]The Colorado Gold Rush[/h3]

Learn why the Pike’s Peak or Bust gold rush of 1858 forever changed the physical and political landscape of Colorado. The writings and descriptions from actual participants will be examined and reasons why the rush lasted only four years will be discussed. Tuition is $19. Class is November 28 at the UNMCE South Building location.

[h3]Hemingway: Deeper Than You Think[/h3]

Examine Ernest Hemingway’s realist style and the underlying literary intent of his works. The author’s successes, intentions and critical receptions will all be discussed using texts such as For Whom the Bell Tolls and other big game books. Tuition is $19. Class is November 28 at the Cherry Hills Public Library.

[h3]The Many Faces of Humanism[/h3]

Delve into every aspect of humanism from a philosophy with ancient Greek origins to a modern day movement advocating ethical global society. Topics covered include major philosophical themes and concerns of the movement including democracy, human rights, and religious and secular humanism. Tuition is $35. Class starts November 19 at the UNMCE South Building location.

[GreyButton link=”″]See more classes[/GreyButton] [h3]Osher Member Benefits[/h3]

Osher Members are entitled to a wide variety of benefits throughout the community. Here are just a few of the popular benefits!

  • Member Only Events including a free monthly lecture
  • Free book and materials check out at the five UNM main campus libraries
  • 10% discount on all Personal Enrichment and some Business & Technology classes at UNM Continuing Education
  • 10% discount on many Popejoy and all Keller Hall events
  • Discounts on membership at the YMCA of Central New Mexico
[GreyButton link=”″]See more benefits[/GreyButton] [h3]Membership and Registration[/h3]

To become a member in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNM, visit the Osher page or call (505) 277-0077. To register for Osher classes call (505) 277-0077 option 1.

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