Enrich Your Life this Spring!

UNM Continuing Education offers many non-credit classes designed to help you enrich your life. Whether you would like to learn a new hobby or become an accomplished artist, we offer classes taught by established professionals that will help you fulfill your dreams!

Art Classes

potteryUNM Continuing Education can help you find your creative spirit this Spring. We offer classes for artists of all skill levels, in many different media. In Stoneware and Raku Pottery, starting January 22, you will learn the basic skills needed to create and fire luminous handmade pieces. Build sculptures or dishes ready to take home the very same day!

These are just a few of our Art Classes. Visit dce.unm.edu/arts.htm for more!


Cooking Classes

wineIt’s cold outside, but it’s warm in the kitchen! Our cooking classes offer a hands-on approach to discovering culinary secrets. Learn exotic cuisines, proper kitchen technique, and new delicious recipes! In Introduction to Wine Through Comparative Tastings, starting February 26, you will learn everything you need to gain a comprehensive understanding of wines to impress your friends and start making distinctive selections.

For more cooking classes, visit dce.unm.edu/cooking.htm


Fitness Classes

200069253-001Get fit, express yourself through movement, or de-stress and relax this Spring. We offer classes in a variety of different styles and you are sure to find a class that gets you moving. During T’ai Chi Ch’uan, starting January 29, you will learn the traditional First Section movements while gaining a deeper understanding of your body from strengthening and tension release.

To discover more fitness classes, check out dce.unm.edu/health-fitness.htm


Growth & Enrichment at UNM Continuing Education

To see all of our Growth & Enrichment classes, visit dce.unm.edu/personal-enrichment.htm

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