Spring Break Camps for Kids

titleWhat will your kids be doing this Spring Break? Did you know UNM Continuing Education offers Spring Break Camps for kids of all ages? UNM Continuing Education’s Youth Program offers exciting Spring Break Camps designed to make sure kids have a Spring Break to remember! Whether your kids are into science, history, acting or Legos, we have a Spring Camp they’re sure to love. All our camps take place in supervised, safe environments, ideal for learning and fun.


acting[h2]Star Wars…The Movie Remake!: A Spring Break Performance Challenge (ages 6-12)[/h2]

Are you up for a Spring Break challenge? In this new and exciting class, we will use the original Star Wars movies to create our own short movie version of Star Wars, complete with light sabers, funny costumes, Jedis, princesses, and all of your favorite characters! The last 45 minutes of our final class will be our official move screening and improv show. All participants will receive a copy of the professionally edited DVD to keep the memories alive. Presented by Sol Acting Academy.

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legos[h2]LEGO Camp: It’s Your Ticket to Ride (ages 6-10)[/h2]

Children learn, build and have fun working with LEGO bricks, especially when they get to add gears, axles, motors and more.  Spend five half-days building LEGO models like theLoop De Loop, Ferris Wheel, Dragon Ride and other amusement park rides.  And modifying the models is half the fun.   In addition, campers will play LEGO board games, LEGO wii and receive a Bricks4Kidz t-shirt.  Families are invited on the last day to watch a video of the week’s fun. Also check out LEGO NASA Space Camp (ages 6-11)!

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architecture[h2]Intro to Architecture: Spring Break Camp (ages 9-12)[/h2]

This break, strech your creativity and explore architecture and design.  Over the course of a week, you will investigate the elements of design–light and shadow, shapes and forms, materials and color–through various design projects.  Young designers will learn visual communication, architectural conventions, structural systems and model building techniques.

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puppet[h2]Puppet Pandemonium Spring Break Camp (ages 6-8)[/h2]

Young puppeteers will learn how to make and perform with puppets and learn their history from around the world. During camp, each student will complete one special puppet and perform with it at the end of the week, putting on a show for family and friends. A materials fee of $10 is payable to instructor at first class.Join us for this unforgettably fun week!

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space[h2]Destination MARS Spring Break Camp (Ages 6-8)[/h2]

Young astronauts will spend their spring break  exploring the red planet. Make an edible rover, investigate the weather and geology of Mars and find out what gives the planet its distinctive color.

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design[h2]What Suits Your Style? Interior Design Camp (ages 9-12)[/h2]

What suits your style?  Learn how you can design your own room or even a whole house!  In this class, you will be introduced to interior space planning, architectural drawing and model building.  Express yourself through color, materials, patterns, furniture and lighting.

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medieval[h2]Time Travelers: Middle Ages Spring Break Camp (ages 9-12)[/h2]

Spend Spring Break in  the Middle Ages where you will learn the rules of court,  joust, juggle, feast, catapult and avoid invasions like the plague.  Join us for a fun-filled week in another era.

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jobs[h2]Job Search Boot Camp for Teens (ages 14-17)[/h2]

This “boot camp” will arm teens, ages 14-17, with the skills that they need to get a summer job, part-time job, or internship.  Taught by experienced career facilitators, participants will learn how to find out about job opportunities, prepare resumes and applications, practice their interview and customer service skills and learn what is expected of workers.  The week-long program will culminate with mock interviews with local professionals and business owners.

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UNM Young Writers Conference

Calling all young writers! Join us for the Annual UNM Young Writers Conference. Learn the ins and outs of writing and getting published from professional writers. In addition, participants will learn various avenues toward getting published. Young authors are invited to share their work.

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Learn More About the Youth Program at UNMCE

To learn more about what the Youth Program at UNM Continuing Education has to offer, including classes and Summer Camps, please visit dce.unm.edu/youth.htm.

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  1. Lynne says:

    Hi, what do you suggest for a 13-year-old? My son is 13, but none of your programs allow kids of that age to attend. Thanks.

  2. UNMCE says:

    Hi Lynne, the ages aren’t set in stone, so you can choose one of the camps that goes up to 12, or one that starts at 14, depending on your child’s interests. If you have any questions, you can call the Youth Program Supervisor, Naomi Sandweiss, at 505-277-0698. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks for the question!

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