2013 Writers Conference

Woman WritingUNM Continuing Education offers the Ninth annual Writers’ Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Editors and agents from New York City will join with authors and teachers to explore the latest trends in publishing including short stories, novels, narrative non-fiction, poetry and memoir.

In addition to six workshops, individual pitch sessions with agents and editors at no additional cost will be offered to those who register before April 1. Attendees may only choose one person, but may ask questions of other speakers throughout the day. UNM Tuition Remission Eligible!

Prepare Your Pitch

Man WritiingMost writers are nervous. Remember editors and agents are human, they have as much invested in finding a great new writer as you have in being that writer. Be clear, precise, and prepared. Outline the premise of your project. Fiction: Three things will get the agent or editor hooked on your project: Setting, protagonist, and problem. Deliver those briefly, and with punch, and you have a basic pitch. Be brief and focus on the elements that give your story plausibility, inherent conflict, originality, and gut emotional appeal.

If your project is nonfiction, talk about the subject, your unique slant on it, your research, and your qualifications. Publishing credentials are helpful to include: Prior novel publication, short stories in recognized magazines, journalistic experience, professional articles, ad writing all indicate you have professional experience as a writer. Bring a two-page, single-spaced synopsis and be prepared to give it to agents, editors, and other writers as the opportunity presents itself and seems appropriate. Do not bring your manuscript to the conference.

Writers’ Conference Topics

    • What You Should Know About Publishing Today:

Panel of Editors and Agents: Whitney Ross, Editor, Sarah Cantin, Editor, Simon & Schuster Elise McHugh, Senior Acquisitions Editor, UNM Press, Katie Shea, Agent, Donald Maass Agency, Elizabeth Kracht, Agent, Kimberley Cameron & Associates

    • Secrets of Writing Compelling Family Sagas:

Leila Meacham, Keynote Speaker, is the New York Times bestselling author of Roses and Tumbleweeds.

    • The Story Behind Hard Twisted

Chuck Greaves, Featured Speaker, is the author of mystery/thriller Hush Money and literary masterpiece, Hard Twisted.

    • Writing for Children and Young Adults

Chris Eboch, a multi-published author of both fiction and biography for children and young adults discloses her methods.

    • Write Your Memoir

Lisa Lenard-Cook and Lynn Miller, teachers and published writers of novels, short fiction, essays, a book about fiction writing and a new book about memoir, Find Your Story, Write Your Memoir, to be published by the University of Wisconsin Press in March, 2013.

    • Writing Historical Fiction

Paula Paul, award-winning author of 25 novels for both children and adults; Sins of the Empress, the story of Catherine the Great of Russia, has recently been published to wide acclaim.

    • Stimulating Your Imagination

Maria Espinosa, author of Incognito: Journey of a Secret Jew, and Dying Unfinished, demonstrates ways in which you can recall memories and nourish your muse.

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Ninth Annual UNMCE Writers’ Conference

Saturday, April 13, 2013 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Tuition: $150.00

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