Free Osher Member Events

Join us for one of the many free Osher Member events this spring and summer! Free to Osher Members, these events are a wonderful opportunity to introduce your friends and family over 50 to the wonderful learning experience. With two main locations, adults ages 50+ are sure to find a class, and learning community, to love.


[h3]Estate Planning for the Middle-Class[/h3] Money
This interactive lecture-discussion will explore a variety of tools, including wills, gift annuities, tax considerations and other tools that will preserve a foundation for the future.

April 29, 10am-Noon
Del Webb Alegria

June 5, 10am-Noon
Jubilee Community, Los Lunas


[h3]Who was Cassandre?[/h3]

Spend an afternoon getting acquainted with the works of one of the great commercial artists of the 20th century whose innovative techniques set the tone for the Art Deco style of poster ads that burst onto the scene in the 20s and 30s.

May 3, 1-3pm
UNMCE North Building


[h3]Behind Adobe Walls: A Lecture and Book Signing[/h3] Reading
Secret Behind Adobe Walls, the third novel in a trilogy about the Spanish Inquisition and conversos is set in the mid-Eighteenth century in colonial New Mexico, is the story of New Mexico’s hidden Jews, the clash of cultures between the Spanish and the Native Americans, the plague of Abiquiu, witches and exorcisms, and a devastating outbreak of measles in an Apache tribe. Class will be taught by the author of Secret Behind Adobe Walls, Sandra Torro.

June 12, 10am-Noon
Del Webb Alegria


[h3]Good Vibrations in Surf CIty[/h3]

This two-part class will explore the layered choral sounds of classic groups like the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean, as well as immortal guitar and drum-powered instrumental classics like “Pipeline”, “Wipe Out”, “Misirlou” and many more.

June 17, 2-4pm
UNMCE North Building


[h3]The Spectre of Marxism is Haunting America or The Whole of Western Comedy is Footnotes to Chico, Harpo, and Groucho[/h3] Laugh
In the early decades of the twentieth century, the Marx Brothers introduced a whole new style and approach to comedy, one that changed the business as permanently and profoundly as the Beatles would change the music industry decades later.

July 15, 2-4pm
Del Webb Alegria


[h3]Peregrinating with the Cattle Nomads: Maternal-Child Health in Northern Nigeria[/h3]

Aided by black-and-white and color photographs, the lecture will illustrate the diverse ways in which American scientists can engage in scholarly work with colleagues in Africa in particular and developing regions of the world in general, not just in the lecture hall and research laboratory but also in the rural areas inhabited by semi-nomadic Fulani pastoralists striving to improve the health and welfare of their community by providing schools, safe water and secure housing.

July 23, 3:30-5:30pm
UNMCE North Building


[h3]Anthropological Genetic Genealogy: The saxons Connection to the Founding Fathers[/h3] Globe
According to tradition, the Saxons (and other tribes) first entered Britain en masse as part of a deal to protect the Britons from the incursions of the Picts, Irish, and others. We will also discuss which American founding fathers and past presidents show the markers that are most identified with this ancient civilization.

August 19, 3:30-5:30pm
UNMCE North Building


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