2013 Administrative Professionals Conference

[h2]Access the Power of Your Profession[/h2]

Admin Woman 2This year’s Administrative Professionals Conference is refreshed and better than ever!  The International Association of Administrative Professionals has really stepped up to the plate with some great ideas to help you grow your career.

Thanks to the comments we received last year, we’ve made a few changes, and enhanced the popular areas. Our engaging sessions are designed to help you master your craft and become a more well-rounded professional. No matter what your level of current knowledge and skills, you can expect to learn, have fun and push your career further down its path.

The conference is quickly filling, so be sure and grab a space. A shorter day means a smaller price! This amazing day or two away has topics that matter, experts who care, and professionals like you. A portion of all tuition goes to support the great work of the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

[zilla_button url=”http://dce.unm.edu/administrative-conference.htm” style=”black” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] Learn More [/zilla_button] [h2]The Administrative Professionals Conference is Always a Big Hit![/h2] Check out this video of interviews from a previous year! Meet some of the actual participants and hear their highlights and reasons for choosing the Administrative Professional Conference, and hear what they had to say about the experience.


[h3]Career Day[/h3] Admin ManDay One, April 23, offers you options for career skills that suit your needs and keep pace with the needs of your workplace. Career Day is always practical and helpful with basics that we need to revisit. Our panel this year will give us a picture of the different kinds of careers that could not exist without Admin Professional support. What should your skill package look like? Examine the tough world of soft skills that enable you to interact with your peers, or navigate through all levels of management. Tuition for Day One only is $129.

[zilla_button url=”http://newmexico.augusoft.net/index.cfm?method=ClassInfo.ClassInformation&int_class_id=51833&utm_source=administrative-conference&utm_medium=DCE-Module-Link&utm_campaign=Administrative%20Professional%20Conference:%20Day%201″ style=”black” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] Register for Day One [/zilla_button] [h3]Technology Day[/h3] Woman using iPadIn Day Two, April 24, you are poised for discovery. We’re excited about the Technology Day (BYOD – Bring Your own Device). We’re setting up a technology fair so participants can visit a variety of experts on Windows 8, the Cloud, virtual document-sharing, and more. Intel and Sandia Labs are just a couple of the employers participating in the fair. Whether you’re feeling nervous, clueless, or full of excitement, spend time with experts who can give you the lowdown on taming technology to enhance your workplace. Tuition for Day Two only is $129.

[zilla_button url=”http://newmexico.augusoft.net/index.cfm?method=ClassInfo.ClassInformation&int_class_id=51834&utm_source=administrative-conference&utm_medium=DCE-Module-Link&utm_campaign=Administrative%20Professional%20Conference:%20Day%202″ style=”black” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] Register for Day Two [/zilla_button] [h3]Register for Both Days[/h3] Admin ProfessionalsThese two days, April 23-24, will give you the opportunity to evaluate your skillset and stretch your comfort zone as an essential member of your workplace. There’s not an organization in the world that can operate without administrative professional functions or personnel. Come explore ways to increase your effectiveness, your presence, and your power in your organization. Tuition for both days is $199.

[zilla_button url=”http://newmexico.augusoft.net/index.cfm?method=CourseSeries.CourseSeriesRegistration&CourseSeriesGroupId=74″ style=”red” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] Register for Both Days [/zilla_button] [h3]Questions?[/h3] If you would like to ask a question about the Administrative Professionals Conference, please contact Interim Associate Dean, Sherry TenClay, at 505-277-6038, or email her at sherrytc@unm.edu.

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