Fall Personal Enrichment Classes

The Fall Semester is here, and we have a lot of new, exciting Personal Enrichment classes. Artists, hobbyists, musicians and fitness lovers will find the usual assortment of classes. In addition to the old favorites, we have a variety of new class offerings. Take a look below, visit our website ce.unm.edu or take a look at the Fall Catalog to see what we’re so excited about. There’s something for everyone in the Personal Enrichment Program at UNM Continuing Education.

We offer courses in these areas:

[h3]Arts & Crafts[/h3]

artUNM Continuing Education can help you find your creative spirit. We offer classes for artists of all skill levels in many mediums.

[zilla_button url=”http://ce.unm.edu/enrichment/arts-crafts.php?utm_source=CEBlog&utm_medium=Blog-Post&utm_campaign=Fall-PEP&utm_content=Arts-Crafts” style=”purple” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] See More [/zilla_button] [h3]Cooking[/h3]

cookingOur cooking classes offer a hands-on approach to discovering culinary secrets. Learn exotic cuisines and new delicious recipes!

[zilla_button url=”http://ce.unm.edu/enrichment/cooking.php?utm_source=CEBlog&utm_medium=Blog-Post&utm_campaign=Fall-PEP&utm_content=Cooking” style=”purple” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] See More [/zilla_button] [h3]Fitness[/h3]

fitnessGet fit, express yourself though movement, or de-stress. You are sure to find a class that gets you moving.

[zilla_button url=”http://ce.unm.edu/enrichment/health-fitness.php?utm_source=CEBlog&utm_medium=Blog-Post&utm_campaign=Fall-PEP&utm_content=Health-Fitness” style=”purple” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] See More [/zilla_button] [h3]Music & Dance [/h3]

danceChallenge yourself and get inspired by learning to play a new instrument or learning a new dance.

[zilla_button url=”http://ce.unm.edu/enrichment/humanities.php?utm_source=CEBlog&utm_medium=Blog-Post&utm_campaign=Fall-PEP&utm_content=Music-Dance” style=”purple” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] See More [/zilla_button]


UNM Tuition Remission

University of New Mexico LogoUse UNM’s tuition remission for ALL UNM Continuing Education non-credit classes. This includes Business & Technology, Personal Enrichment, Online Classes, Story of New Mexico classes and Osher classes.
[zilla_button url=”http://ce.unm.edu/unm-connection/index.html?utm_source=CEBlog&utm_medium=Blog-Post&utm_campaign=Fall-PEP&utm_content=Tuition-Remission” style=”purple” size=”medium” type=”square” target=”_self”] Read More [/zilla_button]

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