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[h2]Practical Photography for Beginners and Professionals[/h2] PhotographerPhotography has long been a mystery to many of us. Even if we cannot take great photos, we know what good photography looks like. Photos have the ability to make us laugh, cry and reminisce. They document our birthdays, graduations, marriages and vacations. Photos are proof that we climbed that mountain, or ate all of that cake. Photography helps us tell compelling stories, and allows us to share our lives the world.

With all that said, bad photos tell a different story. None of our blurry, poorly lit or unbalanced photos make it into our albums. Our cameras, like all technology, have advanced over the years. Long gone are the days of simple point and click camera. Your Polaroid, much like your fanny pack, has grown a lot of dust since it was last relevant. This technology, while sometimes difficult to master, has given amateur photographers access to professional-quality cameras and equipment.

Do you know what a megapixel is? How about aperture? Do you know what the little icons on your camera mean? That’s where we come in. Digital Photography classes at UNM Continuing Education are practical, and taught by professional photographers. From deciding which camera to buy, to professional lighting techniques, our photography classes range from beginner to advanced topics.

Check out some upcoming Digital Photography Classes:

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