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Digital Arts Poster 1In August of 2002, Jerry Demoney donated his American poster collection of over 250 posters to the Graphic Design Program (now the Digital Arts Program) at the University of New Mexico Division of Continuing Education (UNMCE). A diverse collection primarily from within and about corporate advertising in America, many of the posters represent work by prominent designers, artists, illustrators and photographers during the 1970s and 1980s. The collection includes well-known American artists such as Frank Stella, Robert Rauschenberg and James Rosenquist and photographers such as Lewis Hine and Umbo.

We know very little of Mr. Demoney’s career except that he probably worked in New York as an art director in advertising, thus having an opportunity to collect these types of posters, some of which were only distributed to art directors. He published one book with Random House during his career entitled Pasteups and Mechanicals: A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Art for Reproduction, released in 1982, which indicated an interest in education.

In recent years, the arenas of advertising, graphic design, and digital media have become increasingly intertwined. Because a greater population of students and faculty would benefit from access to this body of work, and in the spirit in which the gift was originally given, the Digital Arts Program at UNM Continuing Education has transferred this collection to the Center for Southwest Research/Special Collections at Zimmerman Library on UNM Main Campus. This move will keep the collection intact and accessible to UNMCE Digital Arts students and faculty while also creating access to a wider audience at UNM. In addition to the original posters, high-resolution images are on file at both UNMCE and at the Center for Southwest Research.

UNMCE is pleased to be able to preserve Mr. Demoney’s legacy to future life-long learners in a way that is above and beyond his original gift, but in keeping with his intended vision. Andrew Connors, Curator of Art, and Tom Antreasian, Curator of Exhibits, at The Albuquerque Museum reviewed the collection and were very enthusiastic about what they saw. “There are some really stellar images amongst the group,” commented Mr. Connors in a note to Michael Kelly, Director of the Center for Southwest Research/Special Collections at UNM. Claire-Lise Bénaud, Associate Director at the Center, and Caroline Orcutt, Digital Arts Program Supervisor, assisted in the documentation and transfer of the collection.

Poster Gallery

View some of the beautiful posters from the collection:
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