UNMCE Instructor Publishes eBook Novella

UNM Continuing Education Instructor, Carol March, has published a new eBook. The book contains a novella, The Way Home, and three additional stories, all exploring the idea of finding your true home, whether a place or a person. The book is available for Kindle for $2.99 and can be borrowed free if you have Kindle Prime.

About The Way Home

The Way Home Book CoverWhen a volcano threatens the Valley of the Caheya, a priestess sets out to recover the stolen crystal that can create a bridge to another world. But facing the demon and the venomous black sea that guard the crystal is just the beginning. Mata must confront her ancient past and her desire for revenge if she is to save her family and the Caheya from extinction. The Way Home is a journey into the past to save the future as Mata seeks redemption from an unlikely source. But will she be able to coax the bridge from the crystal before the volcano wipes out everything in the valley?

Other stories in this collection are The Conversation, where a thoroughly urban poet searches for her home in the desert she has always feared and follows a wolf to meet her destiny. In Desert Song, a young woman embarks reluctantly on a road trip, where she is chased by a skeleton and must face the memories she is trying to forget. In The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly, a young man on the verge of adulthood falls in love with a mysterious winged girl who cannot become who she is without her twin.
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About Carol March

Carol March, MS, is an experienced career development specialist, workshop leader and published author who teaches individuals and groups about the skills needed to succeed and thrive in today’s workplace. Carol has a MS degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San Francisco State University and is a Certified Achieve Global Facilitator. She operates Compass Rose, a consulting firm that provides career planning, coaching, testing, and training services to individuals and groups. Carol’s specialty is helping people navigate career and life transitions and find ways to bring their natural creativity into their professional lives.

She teaches courses at UNM Continuing Education in Career Development, Work Skills, Writing for Healing, Writing for Self Discovery, and Journaling for Caregivers.

Check out Carol’s website at www.CarolHollandMarch.com

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