Practical Paranoia: Security for Your Mac

Practical Paranoia by Marc MintzYou don’t need to be paranoid to know they are out to get your computer and your data. People all over the world are tracking what you communicate and with whom. All your texts, email, and web browsing are clearly visible daily to hundreds of eyes—with or without your consent.

Thanks to Edward Snowden, the world now knows that not only the NSA—but most governments of the world as well as myriad private entities and hackers—are busy poking their noses into all your phone calls, email, and web browsing. Macs that once were assumed to be immune to malware are now a focus point for hackers and thieves. Over two million laptops alone were stolen in the US last year. It usually takes less than a minute to access all your data once the bad guy has his hands on your Mac.

Although the judicial protection that we expected to preserve our personal and business privacy is now a lost dream, there are simple, quick, powerful steps each of us can take to help ensure our digital lives remain private from both the government and thieves.

Marc Mintz, one of the nation’s leading Certified Apple Consultants, has authored Practical Paranoia: OS X Security Essential for Home and Business, the first and only book dedicated to OS X 10.7 to 10.9 security. Practical Paranoia is based on Marc’s 27 years as an Apple Developer, International Technical Trainer, and the NSA’s own guidelines for implementing the highest levels of security on their Macintosh computers. Practical Paranoia was written with the typical non-techie user in mind. Starting with how to create a truly strong password, and ending with encrypting your entire Internet presence, each aspect of security is covered with easily understood step-by-step instructions and screenshots. By following Practical Paranoia, any computer user can quickly secure a Mac and its data to the highest standards.

Practical Paranoia: OS X Security Essentials for Home and Business

For those who would like professional guidance, the course Practical Paranoia: OS X Security Essentials for Home and Business is being offered by UNM Continuing Education. This two-day hands-on class will be led by Marc Mintz. The course includes a copy of Practical Paranoia and you will be working on your own computer. So, after completing the course you will be confident that your system, your privacy, and your data are as secure as possible!

Meet the author and course instructor at the next UNMCE infoByte.

Marc Mintz Apple Authorized Trainer

Free Information Session

Mac OS X Security Essentials–infoByte
Wednesday, February 26, 5:15pm-6:30pm

Mac Security Class

Practical Paranoia: OS X Security Essentials for Home and Business
Thursday, Friday, March 27-28, 8:00am-5:00pm
UNM Continuing Education, 1634 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131

For more information, Caroline Orcutt, 505-277-6037,

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