Why Executive Coaching?

Why Executive Coaching?

executiveToday’s increasing demands on decreasing resources requires a nimble workforce prepared for change. Describing this new reality as “fit and flexibility,” Patrick M. Wright and Scott A. Snell acknowledge that fitness refers to the alignment of components of an organization while flexibility describes the ability of successful organizations to detect or anticipate changes in their environment and move quickly to respond (Wright & Snell, 1998).

Although change inspires and creates fresh perspective, it can also be the root cause of economic risk and workplace frustration. The notion of complex change and its effect on the workplace has long been a source of assessment and evaluation. Is your organization prepared to navigate complex change in a way that works for everyone? Do your leadership quotient and management style foster a positive change climate? Hey! What do you have to lose? Plenty!

Custom Training at UNM Continuing Education

Discover your trusted advisor at UNM Continuing Education. Our Custom Training and Consultation Services offer a full suite of services designed with you in mind. From one-on-one support with management issues to expert assistance with the completion of complex projects, we’re poised to help.

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Sherry TenClay is the Senior Program Manager of Professional Programs at UNM Continuing Education. She has over 25 years of management experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

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