5 Classes for Creative People

Creative people need ways to express themselves, and share their vision with the world. Whether your medium for genius is a canvas, a page, or a plate, it’s always exciting to try something new. To help you keep your creativity flowing, Personal Enrichment at UNM Continuing Education offers classes that will challenge and excite artists of all genres and media. Here are a few upcoming classes for creative people:

The Art of Baking – 10/21

Woman BakingThis class will be a demonstration with some hands-on participation on high altitude baking. Students will learn to put into practice baking techniques and skills. Topics include weights and measures as applied to cake, bread and pastry baking and the chemistry of baking.

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Turning Life Into Fiction – 10/25

Man writingGreat authors frequently decide to write their lives disguised as fiction rather than memoir, for example, Philip Roth, Norman Mailer, Pat Conroy and Thomas Wolfe. This workshop will explore the issues in that decision, then discuss the many issues involved in writing fiction based on one’s life experiences. Grafting, layering, and embellishing characters and situations, using primary sources, creating a time line, identifying tension and conflict, researching the historical background, creating a scene, effective dialogue and training your subconscious will all be illuminated during this six-hour workshop.

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No-Solder Jewelry Making: Etched, Disced, Dapped & Letter-Stamped! – 10/28

makin-jewelryUse sterling silver, red brass, yellow brass, copper, semi-precious stone beads, and luscious pearls to make jewelry for gift giving or for yourself! This terrific workshop meets twice and covers basic etching processes and a variety of silversmithing techniques. Explore the magical, wearable artistry of jewelry making and leave the studio with your beautiful completed projects – such as earrings, pendants, cuff bracelets, bangles, rings, and belt buckles. All levels welcome.

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Travel Essay Writing: Your Inner Wanderer at Large in the World – 11/3

booksThis five-week class involves learning how to write using all the senses – taste, touch, sound, smell and hearing to explore beneath the surface so writing about a place or journey becomes equally about oneself and one’s inner journey. Class will consist of discussion, writing in and out of class, analysis of essays, travel articles, and reading/critiquing. Additionally, we will discuss tips on interviewing people to enhance essays, photography to complement essays, and tips on publishing for those who wish to explore that avenue.

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Your Creative Self is Waiting for You – 11/4

balloonsFor anyone interested in being more creative in their lives. If you want to: write a song, a story or a poem; learn to solve problems more creatively; find a new house or a new relationship, you can benefit from a simple, fun process designed to help you get out of your own way and start something new. Learn techniques you can apply to any aspect of your life. Bring a notebook so you can record what your Creative Self has to say! Taught by Carol March, MA, a life transition coach and author of The Way Home and Writing to Change Your Life.

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