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Writers Conference
The 2015 Writers Conference is just around the corner! This year’s lineup of engaging speakers will leave you inspired, informed, and motivated to take your writing to the next level. Whether you write for fun, or professionally, the breakout sessions will give you the tools you need to improve your craft. Check out the amazing lineup of authors, agents, publishers, and editors who will be presenting at this year’s Writers Conference:

David Morrell – Author & Keynote Speaker

Author David MorrellDavid Morrell is the New York Times best-selling author of seventeen books including First Blood, in which he created the character Rambo. He published seventeen fiction and non-fiction books, including The Successful Novelist and Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Writing. He is the recipient of three Bram Stoker awards from the Horror Writers Association as well as the prestigious lifetime Thriller Master Award from the International Thriller Writers’ organization.

Sarah Lovett – Author & Writing Coach

Sarah LovettSarah Lovett is currently collaborating with former CIA covert operative, Valerie Plame Wilson. They have co-authored Blowback and Burned. She is also a writing coach, and the author of the crime fiction series featuring Dr. Sylvia Strange. She has written for children and young adults, short fiction and how-to pieces as well as free-lance articles for newspapers, magazines, and National Public Radio.

Amanda Bergeron – Publisher

Amanda BergeronAmanda Bergeron joined William Morrow/ Avon in 2008. She acquires a broad range of commercial fiction: historical fiction, upmarket women’s fiction that straddles the line between literary and commercial, psychological and domestic suspense, contemporary romance and new adult fiction.

Jen Ryan – Editor

Jen RyanJen Ryan is a professional editor who has been reading and editing most of her life. She has a degree in English Literature, and teaches English composition and writing at a local college. She also owns and runs her own editing company and is partner of a small publishing company (Ellysian Press). She thoroughly enjoys the editing process and working closely with authors to ensure that their manuscript is the best it can be and that the creator of the work is happy with the results.

Elizabeth Trupin-Puli – Literary Agent

Elizabeth Trupin-PaulElizabeth Trupin-Puli a former editor at Fawcett’s Premier Books, founded Jet Literary Associates, Inc. in New York with her then husband Jim Trupin. JET represents adult nonfiction and fiction, except sci-fi and fantasy. Her office is in Santa Fe, NM. Her client list includes Anne Hillerman, Karima Alavi, and Sue Boggio and Mare Pearl.

Katie Kotchman – Literary Agent

Katie KotchmanKatie Kotchman is an agent with Don Congdon Associates, is interested in up-market women’s fiction, young adult, mystery, thriller, and literary fiction. In non-fiction projects, she seeks authors with built-in platforms whether the topic is business, science, technology, pop psychology, adventure or beyond.

Kerry D’Agostino – Literary Agent

Kerry D'AgostinoKerry D’Agostino is an agent with Curtis Brown, Ltd. is interested in a wide range of literary and commercial fiction, as well as narrative non-fiction and memoir. She looks for a strong voice and a protagonist with whom she and others can connect. She also has a soft spot for anything to do with Maine, Vermont, skiing, and sisters.

Christina Hogrebe – Literary Agent

Christina HogrebeChristina Hogrebe is an agent with the Jane Rotrosen Agency is seeking contemporary romance, New Adult, Young Adult, cozy mysteries, women’s fiction and thrillers. Her favorite living author is Diana Gabaldon.

Delia Barnas Kearney – Editor

Delia Barnas KearneyDelia Barnas Kearney is the editorial coordinator at the University of New Mexico Press. She assists the acquisitions editors in reviewing potential manuscripts and the production editors in working to bring contracted manuscripts into production. Kearney has also worked with two independent LA publishers, Red Hen Press and Siglio Press. She holds a BA in English from Occidental College.

Paula Paul – Author & Journalist

Paula PaulPaula Paul is the award-winning author of 27 novels: historicals, Young Adult, mysteries, contemporary women’s fiction, and mainstream literary fiction. She also had a career as a newspaper journalist and has won several state and national awards in that field.

Jeanne Shannon – Poet

Jeanne ShannonJeanne Shannon has published three full-length collections of her poetry and several chapbooks. Her poetry, short fiction, and essays have appeared in numerous publications in the United States, Canada, and Japan. She has conducted poetry workshops for SouthWest Writers and the New Mexico State Poetry Society.

Peter Fisk – Author, Poet & Playwright

Peter FiskPeter Fisk is a retired psychologist, has published non-fiction books, Give and Take with EB and Flo, and From Letting Go to Letting In. He is the author of over seventy-five short stories, two hundred poems and twenty-three academic essays. His play, A Crack In The Wall will be performed at the Adobe Theater, here in Albuquerque in September, 2015.

Carol March – Author & Teacher

Carol MarchCarol March is the author of fantasy, dark fantasy, and science fiction novels, also teaches about Writing for Healing and how to be more creative in your life and work. Her workshop will focus on getting published by a small press.

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