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Microsoft Office Classes
Microsoft Office is hands-down the most popular office software suite on the market. According to a recent study, Microsoft owns a 95% market share in productivity software. Becoming a Microsoft Office master is a great way to make yourself valuable to current, and prospective employers. In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to stand out. That’s why we have created the Microsoft Office Summer Camp; a three-day program to fine-tune your office skills, and keep your resumé at the top of the pile!

Benefits of the Microsoft Office Summer Camp:

  • Receive a free voucher for the MOS certification in your chosen topic after completing the prerequisites
  • Enjoy a time with other experienced students
  • Save 20% -25% over the regular tuition price for these advanced topics
  • Learn from experienced professional instructors
  • Choose your lunch each morning
  • Appreciate limited seating with time for discussion and questions

Camp Topics

> Microsoft Access Data Camp
> Microsoft Excel Power Tools Camp
> Microsoft Word Power Tools Camp

Prerequisites: Complete the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft Office classes before your Camp start date. Prerequisite classes are available for Spring and Summer registrations. If a class is full, add your name to the wait list. We’ll add sections as needed to make sure you’re ready before your camp begins!
> Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Classes

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