Language Classes for International Travelers

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If you’re planning on traveling internationally, you may want to consider taking one of our language classes!

Benefits of knowing the language:

There are many benefits to learning a language before you travel. Although English has become more and more common around the world, the people who live in those countries appreciate the effort of learning their native language. Often times, the locals are used to tourists who just expect everyone to know English; meeting a foreigner they can actually talk to is refreshing.  Knowing the language can help you communicate better with those around you, thus making it possible to create real friendships and connections with people who live there. What better way is there to see a country than from the perspective of someone who calls it their home? They know where to get the best food, the most beautiful sights, and can show you things a travel guide may have never mentioned.

man with a globeAnother benefit of learning the language is that it makes traveling a lot less stressful. You no longer have to rely on gestures and pictures to get you around. You no longer have to point to whatever looks the most familiar on the menu. And finally, you no longer have to wonder if your choices were the right ones. No one likes feeling helpless, and not being able to communicate with anyone can be extremely frustrating. Being able to read and speak (even the basics) can help you learn more about the different options you have, ensuring you make the most out of your trip.

Our Tips for Learning a New Language:

  • Don’t be afraid to practice! Many people are so scared of grammar and pronunciation that they avoid speaking in a new language at all costs, even if they know how to say something. If you never practice you will never get better. In reality, no one expects perfection from someone who is just beginning to learn a language. In other words mispronouncing something will not make anyone think you are unintelligent.
  • Prepare to take constructive criticism! In your travels, you may come across someone who corrects the way you say something. Don’t let yourself get discouraged by this! Keep in mind they are only trying to help you.
  • Watch kids shows in the language you are trying to learn. Because they are designed for children, these shows will speak slower and with simpler words than shows for adults. Watching gestures and listening to the language in action will help you understand and speak it better overall.
  • Think about things from a different perspective. If someone who was just beginning to learn English visited your town from a different country, would you think any less of them for not knowing how to say something?

Language Class Options:

Uno Y UnoHere at UNM Continuing Education, we offer many language classes that can help you learn a new language.

We offer beginning and advanced courses in many popular languages, such as French, Italian, and Japanese! With great pronunciation tips and the phrases you will need to know, our courses will make learning new languages easy and fun. The courses also go over proper body language, as well as information on the cultures of the countries that speak the language.

We also offer quick language classes that can help you master a language in no time, such as Speed Spanish! This course offers six recipes to gluing Spanish words together to form sentences. It can help you prepare for any last-minute trip.

In addition to our in-person language classes, we also offer online language classes that you can take from anywhere you have an internet connection.

See all of our language classes!

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