Dealing With Conflict at Work


Running into a conflict at work is never easy to deal with. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to everyone at some point or another. Here are some tips for resolving these issues:

  • Talk about it. If you never make the effort to talk about the conflict, the conflict has no chance of being resolved. Ask the person (or people) to meet with you so that you can talk about what has been happening.
  • Listen carefully. Sometimes, simply listening to where the other person is coming from can help you get past an issue. They are most likely not intentionally trying to start an issue with you, and understanding them can help prevent conflict from arising in the future.
  • Don’t get defensive. If you focus on defending yourself rather than trying to put yourself in their shoes, you will end up creating a bigger conflict. See it from their point of view. What could you have done differently? What can you do in the future?
  • Let them know how you feel. Without getting defensive, it is important to let the other person know how you feel as well. Avoid pointing fingers and keep their emotions in mind.
  • Now that you’ve both listened to how the other feels, come up with a compromise to resolve the problem.
  • Plan ahead. Keep everything you’ve talked about in mind when you’re dealing with this person in the future. Plan ways to avoid running into new conflicts.
  • Realize you can’t get along with everyone. Thinking that you magically can become best friends with a person after multiple conflicts is optimistic, but unlikely. Some personalities just don’t click. Besides, you don’t have to like a person to work well with them. Conflicts don’t make you enemies, however, and you can still be friendly with this person. Just don’t expect to be golfing together on the weekends.

Conflicts arise in every single workplace. However, these conflicts can normally be resolved! For more strategies on dealing with conflict, check out our Alternative Dispute Resolutions in the Workplace class. This class focuses on building trust, communication and cooperation in the workplace.  Sign up for this class!


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