UNMCE is Moving to 4 Catalogs

4 Catalogs
UNMCE is now offering four catalogs a year! We are happy to announce that we will now be offering spring, summer, fall and winter catalogs for UNM Continuing Education, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and our Digital Arts classes and programs. This change means that we will be offering more amazing Personal Enrichment and Professional Development classes all year long! Our brand new winter 2016 catalogs are being distributed now.

Business & Technology is now Professional Development

In order to better reflect the programming that we provide, we have changed the name of Business & Technology to Professional Development. The program formerly known as Professional Development is now called Career Training & Business Skills. Under Career Training & Business Skills, we are now offering online classes and certificates in forensics and sustainable energy.

Get Your Winter Catalog

There are many different ways to receive one of our catalogs. Our catalogs are available as PDF downloads or can be viewed online. The catalogs can also be received by mail, or picked up at one of our distribution locations. These include UNM campuses across New Mexico, multiple libraries, restaurants and other various centers and stores.

Catalog Distribution Locations

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