10 Fun Things Kids Can Learn This Spring Break


This Spring Break, Youth Programs at UNMCE are offering tons of fun, educational camps and classes for kids in the Albuquerque, NM area. Here are some of the fun things kids can learn this Spring Break:

1. How Saving the Planet can be FUN

Springtime has us thinking Green! In “Environmental Engineering (Ages 5-8)”, students will investigate building with natural materials, growing plants in a greenhouse, and taking care of the ocean and the ecosystem.

2. How to Build a Working LEGO® RobotRobot

In “Lego Space Adventures: Star Wars Infusion (ages 6-11),” students will build motorized LEGO® brick models including Space Orbiter, Robot, and International Space Station. The galaxy of possibilities are endless!

3. How to do the Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Kids in the “High Desert Yoga Camp (ages 6-11)” will learn valuable life lessons of self-care, confidence, body awareness and learn how to form healthy habits. They will participate in non-competitive yoga themed games, make healthy snacks together and make creative yoga related crafts!

4. How to Dance like a Pro

The “Spring Break Dance Camp (ages 6-14)” will include classes in many dance techniques, including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Beginners are welcome! At the end of the week, students will perform short dance pieces for their friends and family.

5. How to Write and Act in their own Play

Young actors in “Acting for Stage and Screen (Ages 6-12)” will spend the week learning improvisation, set skills, and acting terms alongside their peers. They will write their own short play, 30-second commercial and short film.

6. How to be an Interior Designerinteriordesign

In “Pop Up Interior Design & Art and Design Portfolio (Ages 8-11),” students will learn how to design their own homes, and incorporate their work into a beautiful portfolio. Through the class they will explore elements of design–light and shadow, shapes and forms, materials, and color–through fun, hands-on projects.

7. How the Courtroom Works

The “Make Your Case: Intro to Law Camp (ages 10-14)” will introduce kids to the legal process through hands-on participation in a mock trial. Led by an experienced judge and mock trial coach, participants will enhance their skills in public speaking, critical thinking, and organization as they make their case.

8. How to Make their Drawings Come to Life

Students in “2D Animation with Flash (ages 12-17)” will watch their drawings come to life as they learn the magic of 2D animation with Adobe Flash. They will work with Flash’s timeline-based animation system and its basic tools for drawing, keyframes and tweening to animate objects, characters, and more.

9. How to use a Printing Press

In “Monotype Intensive Camp (ages 13-17),” students will be introduced to registration, printing in layers, color separation, the use of textured materials and stencils, and using a printing press! Using high quality water-based Akua Kolor inks they will learn how to achieve rich tones using both additive and reductive techniques in both black and white and color.

10. How to Make Silver Jewelrysilversmithing

During “Silversmithing & Enameling (Ages 13-17)”, participants will make a sterling silver ring and earrings, bracelets or pendants under the guidance of a jeweler. Techniques used include cutting, filing, shaping metal, silver soldering, texturing, dapping/doming, cleaning, hammering, oxidizing, and finishing pieces by hand. No prior experience necessary.

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