Advance in Your Career With an Online Class at UNMCE


Online classes at UNM Continuing Education are an easy, affordable way for you to get the training you need to take your career to the next level. We partner with national leaders in online education to offer a comprehensive library of practical, career enhancing classes available at your convenience. These non-credit online classes can, in many cases, lead to a professional certificate in a number of practical areas.

Top 5 Benefits of Taking an Online Class:

  1. Flexibility. The online classes can be taken at any time, making them flexible enough to fit around any busy schedule!
  2. Variety of programs and courses. UNMCE offers online courses in a number of different subjects including business skills, career training, college readiness, computer/IT Applications, digital arts, health & wellness professions and personal enrichment.
  3. Affordability. With classes offered for as little as $125, online classes are a great and affordable way to advance in your career!
  4. Improve Technical Skills. Online courses require the development of new skills that are applicable to many professions! These skills include creating and sharing documents, incorporating audio/video materials into assignments, completing online training sessions, etc.
  5. Convenience. The classes are available at the place of your choice, including your home, office or wherever you have a computer and high-speed Internet connection. Because there are no physical class sessions, students can advance in the class wherever they feel the most comfortable!
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