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Youth Summer Camps & Classes!

UNM Continuing Education offers unique youth summer camps and classes that are equally fun and educational! Our youth program is dedicated to engaging children and adolescents in interesting and challenging classes and camps taught by expert instructors. Not only do these programs help students develop talents and skills, they also encourage creativity and support the...


Language Classes for International Travelers

If you’re planning on traveling internationally, you may want to consider taking one of our language classes! Benefits of knowing the language: There are many benefits to learning a language before you travel. Although English has become more and more common around the world, the people who live in those countries appreciate the effort of...


Scarce and Sacred: Water in NM

[h1]Scarce and Sacred: Water in New Mexico[/h1] In New Mexico, we are consuming water at a rate that is not sustainable. We depend on this finite natural resource and it is slowly disappearing. As a community we have a responsibility to use water efficiently. In this four week lecture series learn about the water crisis,...